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Action Learning: Learn to act, act to learn

Mini Fashion MBA Leadership in Innovation Management & Denim

Faster, cost-efficient, big impact on your career and organisation

This mini-MBA accelerates both leadership development and decision-making skills of managers, professionals, entrepreneurs, designers and other stakeholders, who are identified as potential leaders and who can set out the transition towards a more sustainable denim industry. The programme will provide clear and well-grounded insights into their decisions by bringing the right information and practical, open-source, reliable data and tools.

Characteristics of BSN’s Mini Fashion MBA Leadership in Innovation Management & Denim Programme
  • English language
  • Working on real issues within your organisation
  • Given by Professors of Practice
  • Maximum number of students per set: 18
Why choose us?
  • One of the oldest business schools in The Netherlands
  • Active for more than 30 years in developing and offering DBA and MBA Programmes
  • Tens of thousands of Action Learning Projects have been implemented worldwide
  • A worldwide dynamic alumni network
  • Experienced coaches and tutors from various industries
  • Starting with experienced managers and professionals
  • HBO completed
  • At least 2 years of relevant work experience
  • Employer cooperation
  • Strong motivation to learn and study for 2 years

Extensive HBO work experience can compensate for educational requirements

Block 1: Blue Thinking (2 days)

The first part of the mini-MBA consists of a 2-day interactive seminar providing in-depth knowledge on a professional level on Denim topics and trends so that better choices and decisions in the development of Denim can be made. Innovation can take place by presenting a transparent picture of the production process and by finding answers to the questions pertaining to the increase in environmental responsibility.

Block 2: Business Club KingPins (2 days)

KingPins, an invitation-only boutique show on sourcing denim, feature a highly edited selection of vendors that includes denim and sportswear fabric mills. This international textile trade show provides industry insiders with the opportunity to view the best mills, washhouses, full package manufacturers and trim providers from around the globe. The KingPins Transformers conference explores feasible innovations and the potential of sustainable denim. Targeting high-level executives and designers, the summit reviews the denim production through a sustainable lens from field to consumer.

Block 3: Strategic & Innovation Management (2 days)

Organisations frequently need to reconsider their market relevance and their position as the national and global environments around them are changing. Innovation Management furnishes a strong and creative angle tool to understand the strategic management principles and demonstrates how to apply these principles within the context of a competitive, sustainable environment, including the innovative forces that are redefining organisations. Considering all these elements, this part of the mini-MBA provides tools and perspectives available to set up analyses, to identify strategic challenges and to design possible organisational responses. These issues are explored through a global view of different forms of leadership and operational excellence while embracing technology and out-of-the-box thinking to keep the organisation from being disrupted.

Block 4: Amsterdam Denim Days Festival (1 day)

The last part of the mini-MBA consists of a one-day visit of the two-day Amsterdam Denim Days Festival. The Amsterdam Denim Festival brings together the community plus the consumer brands and buyers to exchange their unique denim passion. The stakeholders join together in a series of events and seminars in Amsterdam to discuss innovation, education and sustainability.

Study duration

7 days

Date and location

21 – 27 October 2019, location Amsterdam

Study Costs

EUR 2.249,00 (VAT exempt)


  • All study books and reading materials
  • Lunches, meals and drinks
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