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Action Learning: learn to act, act to learn

International DBA Programme

Combining research capabilities, resources and highly practical orientation

The International DBA provides a unique learning experience; the candidates are drawn from a diversity of countries and professional disciplines. It is aimed at Senior Professionals, Chief Executive Officers and Senior Managers who want to increase their work effectiveness and professional standing. It combines the research capabilities, resources the and the very practical orientation of Business School Netherlands.

Characteristics of BSN’s International DBA Programm

  • English language
  • Unique Action Learning methodology
  • Direct high return on investment
  • Part time study
  • International student body
  • Renowned international faculty
  • Maximum number of students per set: 20
  • Individual coaching
  • Accredited by ACBSP
  • Not only an accredited diploma, but lifelong learning

What are the benefits?

  • Accredited DBA diploma by ACBSP
  • Direct high return on investment

We look for Senior Professionals, CEO’s and Senior Managers, who would like to

  • make a contribution to theory and the practice of management;
  • be capable of undertaking rigorous research in the field of business and management;
  • develop a broad understanding from multiple perspectives of business and management issues;
  • be able to critically assess their own thinking and impact as a manager and become more effective in their work interactions;
  • develop an acute understanding of their speciality within the broader context of organisational and managerial action;
  • become a reflective practitioner with a scientific approach to management and organisational problems;
  • recognise the strengths of group effort and have developed strong cooperative work habits;

Why us for the International DBA Programme?

  • One of the oldest business schools in The Netherlands
  • Active for more than 30 years in developing and offering DBA and MBA Programmes
  • Thousands of Action Learning Projects have been implemented worldwide
  • A worldwide dynamic alumni network
  • Experienced coaches and tutors from various industries.

For admission to this programme, applicants will be required to:

  • Hold an MBA or a master’s qualification in a relevant area, and have at least five years’ experience;
  • You have successfully completed an MBA or relevant Masters level programme.
  • You have written and verbal fluency in English.
  • TOEFL/ IELTS tests are compulsory for non-native English speakers.

Phase I

  • Introduction to Action Learning
  • Advanced Practice in Business and Management I
  • 5 day training in Buren, The Netherlands

Phase II

  • Foundations and Design of Management Research – Presentation
  • 5 day training in Buren, The Netherlands

Phase III

  • Advanced Practice in Business and Management II
  • 6 day training in Prague, Czech Republic

Phase IV

  • Thesis Research and Presentation in Buren, The Netherlands or via video conferencing.


40 months

Set meetings

Phase 1: 5 day training in Buren (NL)
Phase 2: 5 day training in Buren (NL)
Phase 3: 6 day training in Prague (CZ)
Phase 4: thesis research and presentation in Buren (NL) or via video conferencing

Next start date

28 October 2019

Study costs

EUR 25.750,- (BTW-vrij)


  • Set meetings, coaching
  • Books and study material (articles and abstracts)
  • Examination costs
  • Lunches, meals and other consumptions

‘I was fascinated by the teaching methods and by the way Tomas and Slava got the material across. Excellent – I’d give them an A+!’

Saule Smailova

BSN DBA Student

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