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Action Learning: Learn to act, act to learn

Masterclass in Food Security

This Masterclass investigates the current food ecosystem and the challenges it’s facing due to the changing supply and demand dynamics.

The Masterclass in Food Security covering the following topics:
  • Setting-up the context for understanding the current state of food eco-system and the challenges that need fixing
  • Sustainable strategies for aligning food supply with food demand
  • Technology, policy and human potential interventions that can enable robust, safe and sustainable food eco-systems
  • Taking-up participants situations/challenges and putting them up in the context of the frameworks learned within this masterclass
Features of the Masterclass Food Security at BSN
  • English
  • Practical approach
  • Close collaboration with fellow students from various branches
  • Practical professors from different branches
  • Maximum 18 participants per group to ensure personal attention
Why study with Business School Nederland?
  • One of the oldest business schools in the Netherlands.
  • Provides Action Learning MBA program for more than 30 years.
  • Thousands of Action Learning Projects have been implemented worldwide.
  • A large and dynamic alumni network in the Netherlands and worldwide
  • Experienced coaches and specialist practice teachers from various industries.
  • You hold a Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent;
  • You currently are a manager, management trainee or hold a similar managerial position in an organisation dealing with food management;
  • You hold at least two years of relevant postgraduate work experience;
  • You have a good command of the English language, enabling you to take part in English spoken courses;

If you fail to meet any of the aforementioned criteria but feel you still should be considered for enrolment, please contact us. Under certain circumstances, exceptions can be made.

Day 1: Setting up the context for understanding the current state of the food ecosystem and the challenges that need fixing
  • The subject of Food security and current weaknesses within the current food ecosystem will be discussed
  • Metrics related to food security will be presented
  • Global food security index map (country by country) will be presented and a detailed country by country analysis on different parameters will be provided
  • Critical components to address the food security will be covered (the framework below will be discussed)
Day 2: Sustainable strategies for aligning food supply with food demand
  • The current demand-supply mismatch and the reasons for it will be discussed
  • An innovative solution that can re-align supply with demand will be discussed
  • The concept of value creation from the current food waste streams will be discussed
  • 2 business case studies that bring context to this discussion will be covered
Day 3: Technology, policy and human potential interventions that can enable robust, safe and sustainable food ecosystems
  • Role of technology in food security and technology intervention frameworks will be discussed (with case studies)
  • The policy level interventions that can enhance food security will be discussed with the help of case studies
  • The need for attracting and retaining capable talent will be brought to context
Day 4: Taking-up participants situations/ challenges and putting them up in the context of the frameworks learnt within this masterclass
  • The interaction among all the critical food security components will be discussed with specific examples
  • The specific challenges and interests of the participants will be discussed and potential solution approaches will be brainstormed

In essence, the following framework will be covered during this 4-day masterclass.


4 days

The programme will take place on:

12 -15 February 2020.
Once the maximum number of participants has been reached, the open registration closes.


9.30 am – 17.00 pm

Total Participants



EUR 1.950,- for other participants (free of VAT and including arrangement costs)
EUR 1.500,- for BSN students and alumni (free of VAT and including arrangement costs)


  • Books and study material (articles and abstracts)
  • Lunches, meals and other consumptions

Dr. Vijayender Nalla

Vijayender is the founder and managing director of RVJ Agribusiness Academy. RVJ Agribusiness academy orchestrates on-demand training and innovation
demands of professionals and students in food and agribusiness. Prior to taking up entrepreneurship in 2009, he has worked at Nyenrode Business University, Netherlands, National Institute of Technology, Warangal India and several other places. Over the course of his entrepreneurial journey he has worked on several disruptive food chain projects in Europe, Asia and Africa. Specifi cally, in the area of food & agribusiness he has been publishing, training and coaching on a range of topics that include, building robust food value chains of the future, go-to-market strategies, technology choice strategies and frameworks for addressing the food security. He has a PHD in supply chain management from Nyenrode Business University in the

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