Graduands special for you

Graduation Book 2023

You have reached an important milestone in your life by earning your BSN MBA or DBA! Well deserved! Just for you, we have created this Graduation Book to commemorate this special moment. Check it out!

Business School Netherlands congratulates you!

You have achieved something amazing and you should be proud of yourself. You have grown in your leadership and as a person.

30 September 2023 is Graduation Day. It is the beginning of our 35th academic year, an anniversary year that begins with the celebration of your Graduation! Time for the official moment when you receive your well-deserved diploma! For some this will be at the KIT Royal Tropical Institute Amsterdam, the Netherlands, for others this official document will be on the way home.

To commemorate this special Graduation moment, we have created a digital Graduation Book for you, in which you deserve a nice place.

Click on the link below to download your Digital Graduation Flipbook.

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