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Fostering Executive Support: Empowering CEOs for organisational Success 

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The role of executives in supporting CEOs to navigate the complexities of leadership and organisational dynamics is critical. A recent Goodmorning BSN webinar, moderated by Okey Okere, explored this theme in depth. Featuring insights from Joseph Gondwe, Chief of People and Culture at the Bank of Kigali PLC, and reflections from Eguono Obhiye, a BSN alumnus with a rich background in people development, the discussion illuminated strategies for enhancing executive support to CEOs.

Understanding the Executive Challenge

Executives and CEOs often navigate a delicate balance between guiding organisational strategy and managing day-to-day operations. Joseph, with his extensive experience in various sectors, highlighted the challenges of dealing with toxic managerial environments and their impact on employee well-being and organisational health. The discussion underscored the importance of addressing these challenges head-on, fostering an environment where open communication and mutual support are paramount.

Navigating Toxicity and Mismanagement

A significant takeaway from the webinar was the acknowledgment of the detrimental effects of toxic management and mismanagement. Both can lead to disengagement among employees and executives alike, underscoring the need for a proactive approach in addressing and mitigating these issues. Joseph and Eguono emphasised the critical role of communication in understanding and resolving conflicts, advocating for a culture where feedback is valued and acted upon.

Empowering Through Communication

A key theme of the presentation was the power of effective communication in transforming leadership dynamics. Joseph outlined a strategic approach to engaging in difficult conversations, advocating for self-reflection, empathy, and a focus on solutions rather than blame. By adopting a problem-solving mindset, executives can support their CEOs in navigating challenges, thereby enhancing organisational performance and culture.

Strategies for Executive Support

The webinar offered actionable insights for executives looking to support their CEOs effectively:

  1. Embrace Open Communication: Foster an environment where honest and constructive dialogue is encouraged, enabling leaders to address issues openly and collaboratively.
  2. Cultivate Empathy: Understand the challenges and pressures faced by CEOs, and approach conversations with empathy and a willingness to find common ground.
  3. Focus on Problem-Solving: Shift the narrative from assigning blame to finding solutions, empowering teams to tackle challenges together.
  4. Promote Psychological Safety: Ensure that employees at all levels feel safe to express their ideas, concerns, and feedback without fear of retribution.
  5. Leverage Feedback: Encourage a culture where feedback is sought and valued, enabling continuous improvement and growth.

A Call for Collaborative Leadership

The insights shared by Joseph Gondwe and Eguono Obhiye during the Goodmorning BSN webinar highlight the importance of collaborative leadership in achieving organisational success. By fostering open communication, empathy, and a focus on collective problem-solving, executives can support their CEOs in steering organisations towards growth and resilience. This collaborative approach not only enhances executive-CEO relationships but also contributes to a positive organisational culture, driving innovation and success.

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